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Why Detox?

Before beginning any treatment for weight loss
is recommended to undergo thorough a
digestive system cleansing.

Bowel cleansing is necessary because over
time all sorts of chemical agents and toxic
waste, from medicines, soft drinks, processed
foods, fecal waste, and all kinds of bacteria are
accumulated in the intestinal walls
the digestion process to become slow and inefficient.  A clogged colon also produces all
kinds of stomach ailments such as muscle aches, constipation, and gastrointestinal

Bowel cleansing is extremely important because the membrane of the colon (large intestine)
allows absorption of nutrients in the blood.  In fact, most vitamins and minerals from the
foods we eat are absorbed through the intestinal walls, hence the importance of detoxifying
the digestive system on regular basis.

fiber-based bowel cleansing assists in cleansing off the intestinal walls, by removing
waste and toxins from the body, so the digestive process is more efficient.  A fiber based
digestive cleansing that is complemented with
Aloe Vera improves the cleansing outcome,
as Aloe Vera, is a great helper in removing toxins from the body.  

Aloe Vera is also an excellent re-generator, therefore, with the help of Aloe Vera hormones
and enzymes the body can be restored, rejuvenating the colon and intestines, and
improving the metabolism in the body.

Recommended Products:

I highly recommend Fiber'n Durazno and Aloe Beta products from Omnilife, as they've
helped me greatly with constipation problems.    It is of vital Importance that you drink at
least 3 glasses of water on a daily basis; this is additional to the water you take along with
the supplements, especially when taking fiber based supplements.   Otherwise, constipation
may worsen if you don’t drink enough water.

These supplements are not weight loss products. However, their use will help the digestive
process become more efficient, and can result in weight loss due to the elimination of toxic
and chemical waste accumulated in the intestinal walls.

Cleansing the digestive system may also help improve the uptake of essential nutrients
through a healthy and balanced nutrition plan. Regular consumption of natural cleansing
supplements not only can make us feel more energetic and healthy, but it can also help us
feel lighter, as they also assist in reducing "stomach inflammation.

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LOOSE WEIGHT!  By simply cleaning your colon
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